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In this site Viscofan Group details the average period of payment to suppliers in Spain

In 2015 Law 31/2014 came into force, amending the Spanish Companies Act with a view to improving corporate governance. Under this law, companies unable to present abridged income statements must indicate in their management reports the average supplier payment period, calculated using the criteria approved by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, in accordance with paragraph three of the second final provision of Organic Law 2/2012 of 27 April on Budgetary Stability and Financial Sustainability

In relation to this reporting requirement, the average payment period of the companies in the Viscofan Group in Spain in 2018 was 28 days and in Viscofan S.A. was 28 days, lower than the maximum under Spanish law.

The average payment period was calculated in accordance with the Resolution dated 29 January 2016, of the Spanish Accounting and Auditing Institute, on the information to be included in annual financial statements in relation to the average supplier payment period in commercial operations.

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