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The Viscofan Group adopts business management criteria that contribute to sustainable and economically viable development in which market leadership is accompanied by an adequate relationship between its productive activity and the environment in which it operates


The Viscofan Group considers itself to be another driver within society, and therefore it has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to create sustainable and balanced value for all the groups of people to which the Company is related, as stated in the “Corporate Social Policy”of the Group.

Society is one of these interest groups, understood in both global and local terms, i.e. the communities where the company operates on a daily basis.

The CSR has thus become the attitude adopted by the company when interacting with people. As a result of dialogue with these interest groups, the company now understands their value expectations and orientates its activity towards achieving these goals ethically and sustainably. This way Viscofan can contribute its resources and know-how to support social initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the environments in which it operates.

This is the case of bioengineering, which is the result of the knowledge the company has of the raw materials with which it works, in this case, collagen. In this project the underlying conviction is that the company is responsible for returning its knowledge to improve the well-being and health of individuals.



Viscofan has a strong global presence, operating in a world with an ever-increasing growth in population and consumption and subsequent rise in the use of natural resources.

At the same time, there is a growing social awareness with regard to the need for the effective use of resources, for a sustainable future in which economic growth goes hand in hand with environmental and social needs. Viscofan acknowledges this situation and is responsibly committed to the protection and conservation of the environment.

This commitment is stated in the corporate policy of EHS which defines the organisation’s values.

The strategic cornerstones on which its environmental projects are based are:

•To help avoid climate change
•A sustainable use of resources

The reduction of greenhouse gases is a general line of action for all the Group’s sites, where specific energy-saving projects are implemented.

As long as the Viscofan Group is able to use available resources more efficiently, whether raw materials, energy or water resources, the company will get closer to its sustainability target.


1 ​Collaboration with research institutes
2 Backing for bio-engineering to foster research and improve human health
3 ​Training and university scholarships
4 ​Collaboration with and participation in associations in the food and health sectors, and others
5 ​Collaboration with community development projects
​6 ​Collaboration with health and food projects
​7 ​Collaboration and disclosure of information for studies
​8 ​Attendace at forums
​9 ​Support for and active participation in local development bodies
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